Due to my CCNP and CCNA expiring in 3 months (Feb 2018), I’ve decided to take a different approach on how to renew my certification.  Instead of taking the normal ROUTE, I am going to SWITCH to a different track because I can’t stand studying the same content over and over. Therefore,  I have decided to take the CCNP Data Center 300-160 DCID exam first.  After passing this exam (hopefully), we’ll see if I have the drive to continue towards owning the entire CCNP Data Center certification.

I will keep my notes online to help anyone else doing the same thing as there is no formal textbook or Cisco Press book.  Below are the sections that Cisco determined in their published exam information and some helpful external links


DCID 300-160 Exam

DCID Notebook

DCID Section 2 – Data Center Infrastructure Design

DCID Section 3 – Data Center Network Design


DCID – Useful links

Cisco site exam details

DCID Exam Topics

DCID Study Material